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The pretty Hudya way

Behind our Buy & Build strategy you find a strategy filled with love, curiosity and pride (no prejudice) and Best practice focus. We call it Embrace & Extend! We buy companies that fit well with our culture and we feel familiar with. Read more about the philosophy behind our Buy & Build strategy here.

32 months ago

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Hudya’s platform is counter-cyclical, attracting both consumers and investors in economically turbulent times. We are in a period of economic turbulence for both individuals and investors. We have seen large movements at the stock exchanges, the interest rates are on their way up and there is generally a lot of uncertainty out there. Potential trade …

104 months ago

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Hudya Group delivered positive results ahead of time

For all start-up companies it is a crucial moment when the results turn from red to black. In September, Hudya Group delivered a positive result (EBITDA), 2 months ahead of time. NOK 700.000,- better than budget. Our October results continues this strong trend. Hudya Group ended up with a positive EBITDA of NOK 790.000,-, while …

129 months ago

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Hudya agrees to take over Telipol’s customers

Hudya Group has bought a portfolio of 15.000 Norwegian mobile telephony customers from Telipol. With this acquisition, Hudya increases the platform further with 15.000 active and 10.000 passive customers as from today. According to Hudya’s calculations, this is the most profitable mobile telephony portfolio amongst Norwegian service providers. This acquisition also gives Hudya Mobile a …

140 months ago

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Hudya reduces customer’s annual interest rates

After one month in the Hudya family, we already see exceptional results for Aconto. The customers that applied for refinancing during the sole month of August at Hudya’s daughter company, Aconto, lowered their annual interest expense from 22.8 million to 14.1 million. In average, each customer lowered the annual interest expenses by 13,000 NOK. Taking …

185 months ago

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Alfy Louis: – Hudya has got everything it takes to become a success in the USA

This week, we at Hudya had the pleasure spending time with Alfy Louis, an American, leading fintech figure with reputation for innovative and disruptive approaches to growth. Alfy Louis believes in the Hudya customer-oriented ecosystem and that Hudya has got everything it takes to become a success in the USA. Read the full interview with …

199 months ago

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– Hudya is simplifying processes at all levels

Hudya’s Chairman, Ole Morten Settevik, has 35 years of experience from various positions in the IT industry. In a recent interview, he told us that he believes Hudya is setting a new standard with the Hudya-platform, simplifying processes at all levels. Mr. Settevik has worked as a general manager of Microsoft Norway, Ementor, Bluegarden and …

209 months ago

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– Our hypotheses are confirmed every day

Hudya is not a simple hub of several verticals. Actually, Hudya is much more than that. The advantage for the customers in organizing their everyday services, all in one place, is intuitive and easy to understand for most people. But there are also several other positive effects of the Hudya platform – platform effects – …

293 months ago

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GDPR The Hudya Way: You Own Your Own Data

At Hudya we celebrate GDPR. We even think we beat GDPR with our approach. Read this blog from our CTO and Data Protection Officer Greger Teigre Wedel and learn about YOYOD:  You Own Your Own Data

304 months ago

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Yes, it works!

We at Hudya test and learn continously, and now we have got enough numbers from the activities during the last months and weeks to be able to say: The Hudya platform effects exist! In this blog you will meet our Sales Manager Ole Jørgen Nordbakken at Hudya Distribution in Bodø, and learn:   why 60% …

311 months ago