About Hudya

The company

Hudya Group is a Nordic operator within the power, telecom, insurance, banking and alarm/smart living markets with headquarters located in Norway. Hudya was founded in 2016 by Børge Leknes, Morten Kvam and Pål Lauvrak with the idea of providing everyday services in a fair and simple way. Since its foundation, Hudya has established operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Hudya aims to establish further subsidiaries in selected European markets during 2020. Hudya is aiming to combine the advantages of technology while understanding that interpersonal relationships continue to be an important factor for a holistic customer experience.

Our mission: Easy, fair and hassle-free

No one wants to spend time reviewing contractual terms, monitoring bills, and listening to elevator music while on hold. That’s what we’ll do for you. We’ll make sure you get a fair deal and more peace of mind.

Our manifesto

We start with one simple promise: To help people spend time on the things that really matter. We believe managing everyday life should be easy. That’s why we’re working towards building one platform to manage everyday services, from electricity to insurance. We refuse to spend time on multiple sites, remembering passwords, or unsubscribing from newsletters. We believe there are better things to spend time on, like page turners, karaoke road trips, Sunday morning lie-ins, and skipping stones. We refuse to accept unnecessary costs and hidden fees. We demand transparency from industries known for making terms and conditions difficult to understand. We will be responsible for negotiating the best terms and reading the small print. We make it easy for customers to leave us at any time. We believe they will want to stay. We believe in conversations, not corporate or legal jargon. We believe the world is confusing and cluttered enough. We champion simplicity, integrity and honesty. We embrace technology because it helps make life easier. We believe nothing takes the place of a human voice. We believe companies should think more about people than profit.

Life, simplified.

Core concepts

One digital platform for six industries

Electricity, insurance, banking, telecommunications, alarm and smart living.

Customer focus and "ownership"

Honest and transparent customers relationships. No binding period - customer retention through customer trust in pricing and service.

Strong strategic partnerships

One product partner within each industry. "Plug and play" partnerships.

Digital with analog assistance

Automated solutions with minimal overhead to ensure long-term competitive prices. Analog customer service to provide top customer service and sales assistance.

Hudya presence


Santa Fe, Argentina
Tech and design


Oslo, Norway
HQ global, tech and distribution


Copenhagen, Denmark
HQ and distribution


Bodo, Norway


Stockholm, Sweden
HQ and distribution

Hudya has established operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Hudya aims to establish further subsidiaries in selected European markets during 2020. In addition to operations in Scandinavia, Hudya has tech resources by demand operating from Argentina as well.

Our history so far

Hudya was founded by Børge Leknes, Morten Kvam and Pål Lauvrak.

Aug 2016

Greger Teigre Wedel joins in as partner.

Jan 2017

Launch of Hudya Power in Norway in partnership with Energi Salg Norge.

Mar 2017

Acquisition of Bodø Forsikringssenter AS & Nordafor AS. Niclas Öst joins as partner and Country Manager Sweden.

Apr 2017

Carsten Müller joins in as partner, Chief Business Development Manager and Country Manager Denmark.

May 2017

Launch of Hudya Power in Sweden in partnership with Energi Försäljning Sverige.

Jun 2017

Acquisition of Gradén Mattsson AB. 221 employees. Revenue SEK 100m. EBITDA SEK 6.9m (2016).

Aug 2017

Organization in place to ensure high growth – new board of directors and key employee hires.

Sep 2017

Launch of Hudya Insurance in Norway in partnership with Frende Forsikring.

Nov 2017

Launch of Hudya Power in Denmark in partnership with Energi Denmark.

Dec 2017

Acquisition of Aconto AS. Revenue MNOK 50. EBITDA 10 MNOK (2017). …and Telipol. Revenue 25 MNOK (2018e)

Jul 2018

Launch of Aconto Denmark as the second vertical in Hudya Denmark.

Apr 2019

Acquisition of Conteo AB in Sweden as a first step to launch refinancing in Sweden.

Apr 2019

Acquisition of all activities of SalesPartners Direct Sales ApS in Denmark. All activities are transferred to Hybrid Distribution ApS, a company in Hudya Group.

May 2019

Acquisition of SEQR Group AB in Sweden – gaining access to advanced fintech back-end infrastructure in an existing scalable payment platform and app.

Jun 2019

Merge with Payr AS, combining the product innovation strength of Payr with the distribution and market power of Hudya.

Jul 2019

Hanne Ek is appointed as CFO for Hudya Group AS.

Sep 2019

15 January 2020, Sweden’s financial supervisory authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen) approves Hudya’s prospectus related to a share issue and intention to list its shares on Nasdaq First North.


Jan 2020

Hudya AB is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Feb 2020

Acqusition of Sponz AS’ customer portfolio of mobile telephony customers.

Feb 2020

Mats Wennberg is appointed as CEO for Hudya AB.

April 2020

Management team

Meet our highly experienced management team with experience from relevant industries, distribution, digitalization and partner-based businesses with the ability to create strong growth.

Mats Wennberg

Mats Wennberg

Interim Chief Executive Officer

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Morten Kvam

Morten Kvam

Chief Communications Officer

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Pål Lauvrak

Pål Lauvrak

Chief Concept Officer

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Hanne Ek

Hanne Ek

Chief Financial Officer

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Board of directors

Meet our broadly composed board of directors. Hudya Group’s board members are professional and competent with experience from tech, digitalization, equity, IPOs, globalization, communication, leadership, distribution, strategic alliances, Lean management and consulting.

Ole Morten Settevik

Ole Morten Settevik

Chairman of the board

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Kathryn Moore Baker

Kathryn Moore Baker

Deputy Chairwoman

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Ivar S. Williksen

Ivar S. Williksen

Deputy Chairman

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Louise Dedichen

Louise Dedichen

Board member

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