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– Our hypotheses are confirmed every day

Hudya is not a simple hub of several verticals. Actually, Hudya is much more than that. The advantage for the customers in organizing their everyday services, all in one place, is intuitive and easy to understand for most people. But there are also several other positive effects of the Hudya platform – platform effects – …

770 months ago


GDPR The Hudya Way: You Own Your Own Data

At Hudya we celebrate GDPR. We even think we beat GDPR with our approach. Read this blog from our CTO and Data Protection Officer Greger Teigre Wedel and learn about YOYOD:  You Own Your Own Data

781 months ago


Yes, it works!

We at Hudya test and learn continously, and now we have got enough numbers from the activities during the last months and weeks to be able to say: The Hudya platform effects exist! In this blog you will meet our Sales Manager Ole Jørgen Nordbakken at Hudya Distribution in Bodø, and learn:   why 60% …

788 months ago


Even more effective customer dialogue using AI technology

Hudya uses advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in the development of an automated customer advisor. Hudya has used NLP/NLU technology (natural language processing/understanding) to develop an automated customer advisor. By using advanced algorithms and probability evaluations to ensure that customer questions are interpreted in the best possible way, the automated customer advisor offers answers to questions …

795 months ago


Recruiting and keeping customers the Hudya way

Hudya has efficiently combined digital solutions with human customer support to serve the customers exactly the way they prefer to be served, and that at a minimum of costs. The result of Hudya’s efforts is a hybrid solution, combining digital and human resources to attract and give support to customers. The objective of Hudya’s efforts …

802 months ago


Hudya cares for the customer’s data

25 May is approaching. On that day, new personal privacy regulations will take effect via the EU GDPR Regulation, and Hudya goes even further in protecting customer data than even the new rules require.  The Hudya IT-team, in collaboration with competent lawyers, have developed a methodology for obtaining consent that is both according to the …

812 months ago


Hudya offers company costs health checkup’s

After a very promising pilot, Hudya has decided formally to launch the Business to Business-activity.   Hudya’s Head of Business Sales Andreas Kristensen and his team have worked a few months to set the standard of Hudya’s approach to the corporate market. The concept has been well received, and in March, Kristensen could tell that he …

824 months ago


High activity in Hudya Distribution

Hudya’s sales forces in Bodø and Tromsø serves our customers well. They make sure that we at Hudya continuously are welcoming new customers. Take a look at our quarterly sales report and see the highlights from our sales leaders in Bodø and Tromsø.

830 months ago


A lot of savings potential out there

Two months ago, Andreas Kristensen started as Hudya’s Head of Business Sales. Since then, he has been busy spreading the word about the Hudya concept in the business market, offering a free economical health checkup. It’s been hard work and great fun! – In this segment, we often find cost optimalization potential up to 20-30 …

847 months ago


We are in the finale!

We are finalists and really excited! Last night we were informed that Hudya has been chosen as a finalist in the Silicon Vikings Startup World Cup Norway Competition 2018. The regional finale will take place at the Technoport Conference in Trondheim February 28th. – This is an honor for our entire organization. We are all …

874 months ago

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