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Success while practicing the art of asking questions

We are really proud of our educators at customer service up north in Bodø and Tromsø. They represent one of Hudya’s 4 core concepts, namely being digital with analogue assistance. We strongly believe in the importance of true, real life communication in the era of digitalization, and our customer service are constantly coached and trained …

1013 months ago


Positive response for the Hudya concept in B2B

Hudya has now tried out a “Business to Business”-concept towards small and medium sized companies. We have been testing our offerings and solutions towards a selected group of companies these last two weeks, and the results are very promising. Our experience is that most companies we have approached feel a lack of interaction and honest …

1022 months ago


Hudya’s sales success in Tromsø

Benjamin Embrå is heading Hudya’s nothernmost office, our office in Tromsø. From this beautiful city, Hudya is serving many of our customers. Starting with 4 employees last summer, Hudya now has got 9 highly skilled educators in Tromsø, and we are still recruiting. We asked Benjamin about the reason behind the sales success by the …

1023 months ago


Coming soon: Hudya Mobile

Many mobile telephony customers are paying way too much for their data usage. Usually the customers have to pay for different packages of mobile data, and very often they pay for more data usage than they actually need. Hudya is doing something with this, launching Hudya Mobile. So how we are solving this common problem? …

1024 months ago


Our results after 10 hours of selling Hudya Insurance delivered by Frende

Hudya proudly presents the results of the 10 first hours of insurance-business on the Norwegian market. In this blog we expose the relevant numbers and experience from offering Insurance on the Hudya platform.

1104 months ago

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Hudya Group AS’s new board of directors

In this Norwegian press release we presented our new board of directors. Ole Morten Settevik is elected as Chairman of the Board on October 9 at Hudya’s shareholder’s meeting. Mr Settevik is an experienced CEO, chairman, and board member of many software and services companies in the Nordic region. He has broad experience, such as: …

1140 months ago

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